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veruco's Journal

3 March
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Hi >o< I'm Veronica and I live in Poland. Poland is a beautiful country but I want live in U.K., U.S.A. or Australia! In Australia live my aunts :D. OK, I love my friends so much! My friends are Eve, Casper, Martyn, Ola, Claudia and Bartosz :3 Claudia is from Internet but I love her as much! <3 Recently I started listening to Japanese music, it's about Koda Kumi :) I like her "Taboo" and "Stay With Me" *3* HAHA I love Fast Foods, and most Mc'Donalds and KFC <3 I think that in Mc'Donalds are better fries, but KFC is better food ;) If you want to know me more, please write! Can't wait haha XD.