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H&M's sets

Oct. 21st, 2010 | 01:22 pm
mood: sick sick
music: heartbeat.mp3

Hello boys and girls! I'm still sick. Today I'll show you a few sets that I created on the Internet. Oryginal stuff from H&M. I love H&M and I'm glad because in a city near me build a shopping center with H&M, C&A, Orsay.. <3 Aww! Sweet *o* Let's get to things.

First - clothes for a walk
Second - work clothes
Third - clothing for dance lessons

If you like them - please comment! haha *O* XD" I'll show you once more, I promise. Goodbye, have a nice day. 

Hello guys!

Oct. 20th, 2010 | 07:07 pm
mood: sick sick
music: shakira - loca.mp3

Hello guys! I'm so sorry. I don't know if you'll excuse me. I forgot my livejournal.. I haven't time for this. But today I remembered. And I decided I will write post. I'm sick. Yes, again! But I wasn't sick almost a year! I want go to school. Really. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Apr. 11th, 2010 | 06:44 pm
mood: worried worried

Hello everyone * O * Now Poland is experiencing a great tragedy. The President and the most important person in the country died in the crash. They flew by plane to Katyn. Anniversary, seventy years ago were murdered in Katyn person. Yesterday died again important. It is no coincidence. We're in shock. Nobody saw it coming. Some were late for the plane, some ill, others gave place to a friend. Survived. It is a miracle. The president couple to love. Died together near Smolensk. Ask yourself STILL QUESTIN - WHY THEY?! I liked them very much. I can't be reconciled. On TV all the time talking about it. I cry. ^3^


LOVE YOU MY FRIEND T^T < 33333333333333

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Mar. 10th, 2010 | 05:46 pm

Hello, I don't want to write, unless I delete live journal... :(

Tomorrow are my birthday, so I'm happy <3333

day for women.

Mar. 8th, 2010 | 02:57 pm
music: Gwen Stefani - What you waiting for.mp3

Hello my Dears I'm shocked because Avatar's not got an Oscar! I watched this movie and I was very impressed! Cameron did a really great production. Avatar in the classification is only in third place and the war 'The Hurt Locker' at first. Of course I disagree completely with this decision. Yesterday was a tough day. I thought that was the end of everything but it was my fault. That means not only. But fortunately already is well I don't know what to do with my collage. Do You want buy that? It's a joke, I don't sell my work Today it's Day for Women  Sadly I haven't nothing I'm crazy today hahaha Yeah, 3 days to my birthday and I'm very happy for that  YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH my friend gives me a hamster YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH <3 Bye

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Mar. 7th, 2010 | 06:36 pm
music: eldo - granice

Hello my Dears <3 Today You can see my collage. It's not perfect because please don't laught XD

Do You like it ? <3

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Mar. 6th, 2010 | 07:57 pm

Hello dears <3 I returned from my Grandmother and Grandfather :D I don't want to write. I made a collage, photos tomorrow :)

Greetings for HarajukuMonkey, thanks for all comments <3


Mar. 5th, 2010 | 11:07 am
mood: sick sick

Hello darlings  I'm sick. Of missing yet! Although I feel better, I don't want to anything. Heeeeeelp me! When the milk warms up, I drink it.   Can't wait XD I want cupcakes! Where are you? XD At 13:30 I go to English lessons   I've got a test but I know how little >__< One hour ago a friend rang me, she worried why I am not in school. I love her so much Today I had yet to sing in church but I don't know if I can manage  Tomorrow's already the weekend and I go to grandma and grandpa Bye, Greetings to Theceja

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Mar. 4th, 2010 | 08:33 pm

Hello again *w* I finished the study :D I ate sushi for dinner I like it so muuuuuuch *aww* Tomorrow I invite my friends for my birthday This is March 11 <3 Can't wait XD I dream of a proffessional camera :3 Canon... oh XD It's almost the weekend! I love it :D Bye bye HAHAHA this emote frightens me XD

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Mar. 4th, 2010 | 03:02 pm
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: I See You *i*

Hello my lovely I returned from school with good by news <3 I've got a very good estimate of the test I'm very happy for that ^^ This is a nice message because I eat ice cream as a reward Please keep your fingers crossed that I do not ill >_< I must learn English because I have test tomorrow but for sure I pass XD Fortunately today I'm not going to play tennis so I have time *o* Have a nice day, my dears <3